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Lorraine Murphy is an Executive Coach, Training Consultant and Speaker Bringing a New Perspective to Your Business.

With over 20 years experience in training and coaching I work with business owners, senior management and executives to help develop strong leaders driving you, your business and your staff be the very best they can be.

Based on my experience I have achieved great success in coaching individuals and organisations to achieve personal, professional and commercial success.
My ethos is simple – to help – by heightening awareness of existing skills & resources helping you and your staff identify the strategies needed to succeed.



Key strategies for attracting and retaining the best talent for your organisation

Learn how to can attract and retain the best talent to in order for your business to grow in 2020

Recruiting and retaining the best staff is a major challenge for Irish SMES. With unemployment levels at a record low and global companies taking root in the local markets, the shrinking talent pool makes it difficult for companies to scale and grow. While SME owners recognise recruitment as a core part of their business strategy competition for staff requires an innovative approach to attracting and retaining the best employees in order to meet development and growth opportunities.




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How to Win The War For Talent

Did you know that the cost of replacing an employee in Ireland is circa €14,000. This includes employee on-boarding and upskilling in company procedures and policies, lost productivity and managing the impact on other employees.

In the current climate of low unemployment and with staff turnover on the rise, the competition to retain the best staff and attract the brightest talent is definitely on.

In this article we look at 3 key factors in how companies can effectively attract and retain the best talent as well as strategies on how to implement them. This is a must read for SMEs looking to grow and scale their business in 2020 while minimising the cost of talent management.